Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why Women Don't Trust Men

Guys like this baller give all men a bad name.
In a nut shell...the ex-girlfriend of this guy is suing him for FORCING her to have unprotected sex with him KNOWING he had AIDS (not HIV, full blown AIDS).
So the girl is now suing him for 15 million dollars. It has yet to be proven the guy actually has AIDS but if this is's grounds for castration.
But the girl should also be ashamed for allowing a guy to force her to go without a condom. It's YOUR life ladies, wrap it up.

Alomar Sued in AIDS Scandal

Though this one has nothing to do with anything on the field. According to a report in the New York Daily News, former Orioles, Indians, Mets, Blue Jays, Padres and White Sox second baseman Roberto Alomar is being sued by his ex-girlfriend, who claims he insisted on continuing to have unprotected sex with her despite being afflicted with full-blown AIDS.

Amazing, the plaintiff -- a 31-year-old Queens massage spa manager named Ilya Dali -- never contracted the disease, but is suing for emotional distress and the danger Alomar posed to her two children while the couple lived together for two years.

Naturally, Alomar's lawyer claims the suit is pernicious and full of falsehood, but it has a number of specific details and dates which may make it a little more believable. And after all the steroid revelations, would any baseball revelations surprise you right now?


  1. The title should read Victim or Stupid? When did this woman realize her partner had AIDS? When did she make the decision to stay in that relationship and continue to put her children in harms way? There is no one to blame but herself!

    If he forced her the first time shame on him....the second time blame it on the shock the third time it wasn't forced cause she was still there. I know this man had practice and away some point she could have called some movers and gotten the hell outta there. She stayed for a reason. You said in another post "You only have to hit me once" how many times do you need to be exposed to DNA Death before you bounce?

    This lady ought to be arrested and charges with 100 counts of stupidity....a man with a perfect bill of health can't get me to go's my body and if he really wants some guess what he'll do....ANYTHING! No sex is good enough to risk your life.

  2. Interesting. Can't blame it all on the guy (dumb as he is)...she was stupid enough to stick around during it all.

  3. Absolutely absurd...she KNEW this guy had AIDS while she was having sex with him?!?! Is she insane?? No, is she on crack?!? Is his penis crack!? It's one thing if she didn't know prior to intercourse but this doesn't sound like a bad case of 'misinformed' God.

  4. they keyword is FORCE people. therefore, not a choice.
    i cannot believe people still find excuses to blame women for being raped. yes. you can be raped by your husband or boyfriend. no, it is not easy to leave them, especially if you fear for your life, and have no where to run.
    fuck you guys.

  5. I really do hate the way men act, why is it always just "boys will be boys?" I am so sick of their attitudes, it's never their fault is it. Nothing they do is their fault.

    Fucking pigs.